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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What investing is

When it comes down to it, investing is more about seeing the future from the present before it actually happens and taking a position in that direction. From the perspective of the present, this is what is commonly referred to as risk.

Arguably, risk is a dividing factor between seasoned investors and beginners. Succeeding in investing is more than being lucky, intellectual arrogance, or a shot in the dark. While there are openings for the hope that parameters will turn in one's favour, it is nonetheless better to know as much information about an investment as possible. They include;

1. Personal comfort with investment type

2. Management ability

3. Level of disposable cash available

4. Personal income targets
Investing has benefits known and desired by all, but they also have their drawbacks. Assessing these will improve one's investing skill level significantly.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The New Rules of Networking

 By career coach Barbara Safani and résumé expert Louise Fletcher tell you how to make the most of your contacts in the modern marketplace

1. Join LinkedIn, which will allow you to connect with current and former associates—and their networks, too. "At this point, if you're not on LinkedIn, people wonder why," says Safani. (Bonus: Recruiters often use it as a database.)

2. Request information, not a job. "When you ask for a job, there is a yes or no answer," says Safani, "and it can feel like you're begging." Instead, explain exactly what you want and inquire about others who might be good for you to talk to. "Or pick their brain about the industry; that can be flattering."

3. Be on-message all the time. Prepare a succinct, compelling pitch about what you're looking for and why you're qualified. Then keep this message consistent in your résumé, your online profiles, and your conversations. Never say, "I'll take anything." If you do, people won't know how to help you.

4. Be helpful to others. "Networking isn't just something you do when you're looking for a job," says Fletcher. "If you help people out whenever you can, those favors will come back to you when you need them."

Monday, July 26, 2010

Is it Time For a Stay at Home Job?

By Andrew Goligher

The internet. This revolution has helped us do a great many things. We can take a video of our friend falling on his butt and put it up for all to see. We can read ten word posts from vapid celebrities about the silly things they do in a day. Or if you're a little more ambitious, you can use it to find some real work and make money with a stay at home job.

But is it right for you? A stay at home job can be a blessing for some and a curse for others. Here's your checklist...

Can You Stick To Your Own Schedule?

Making your own schedule doesn't necessarily mean "I don't feel like working today... Or tomorrow... Or the next day." Making your own schedule means ACTUALLY making your own schedule and sticking to it. Look, when you set your budget, do you choose to spend twice what you put aside for groceries? If so, you probably need to hold on to the sort of job where you have a boss kicking you in the butt and making you actually show up for work and make some money. If you can't follow your own schedule, you can't make a living working from your own home with a stay at home job.

Are You A People Person?

If you have a tough time meeting people and making friends, you may want to stick with a job that has you leaving the house now and then. You don't realize how important contact with other people is until you don't have it. If you want to work from home, you'd better make sure you put aside a couple days a week to go out and spend some of that money hanging out with your friends. Otherwise, you may find that you're becoming more and more isolated and, yes, you're making money, but you're really not enjoying yourself without having anyone to hang out with.

Are You a Single Mom or a Single Dad?

If you answer yes to this question, then you really SHOULD take up any opportunity you have to work at home. Even if you don't fit anything else on this checklist, being a parent has a way of shaping you up into exactly the person you need to be in life. If you have kids to take care of, you may find that hiring babysitters or paying for a day care center can cost you so much that you may as well not have a job at all. If you're making only so much an hour, the babysitter is probably wanting about the same. If they're taking ninety percent of your money, then it's just not worth it, and you absolutely do need to seriously consider working from home.

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How to Earn Money at Home

By Milton Cai

Earning money is never been easy especially if you want to earn it while at your own home. Many have tried to get into this kind of home business programs. To those who have tried some of which became successful and some did not.

If you want to know what went wrong to those who have failed, then one main reason is the lack of knowledge. Many who want to enter into earn money at home programs have lesser knowledge about what they are trying to get into.

Before you enter into a program make sure that you have knowledge and experience to all the circumstances it may occur. Experience is not that really necessary. All you have to do is to familiarize the process of the program. If something went wrong you can easily take action and continue earning.

Knowledge about web application is also a plus if you want to get into online making money programs. Because of the medium use, the computer and the internet this knowledge is a factor to make your program successful.

If you think you have the knowledge and experience in these online programs. Next thing to do is to choose, choosing between selling a product online or making use of your skills and post it on the internet.

Selling things in the internet is the most common business although it is not that easy. There are still many people who enter into this business. The main store of your online business will be the website. In there you will post your entire product available for sale. Post product description and the instructions how to contact you and make a purchase from your site.

The product description should not be too long, it should only contain specific details and how it differs from other brands. Make your forum regarding the product from your site. The forum will be like a testimonial from your customer and it will also serves as a place where your potential customer ask questions.

After you build your website the next problem is to get internet traffic to your site. Traffic is generated in many ways. Search engine is one way how to drive traffic. The thing you need to do is to make it to the first page of a search engine if a user wants to search the product you are selling. This will be the hardest part you have to market your product well to gain traffic. After that the next things are simple.

Think about the right online business for you before you enter. Consider the disadvantages and advantages. Work hard as there are no way you can earn money at home without working hard for it.

Milton is the founder of Traffic Prophet and Lifetime ACME People Search member. He has a home based business built on the ACME people search business platform and generates website traffic with Traffic Prophet.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top 5 Tips For Building Business Relationships

 By Chris Simpson

If you are going to have a successful business, it is very important that you work on building quality business relationships. While you can have many great marketing strategies that will help your business, one of the most important things you can do is to work on building up these relationships with people that you meet.

It can take quite a bit of time for you to begin to see big results when you use marketing techniques, but the results for building business relationships are excellent. So, here are a few great tips that will help you to build better business relationships.

Tip #1 - Consistently Work on a Small Basis - First of all, it is important that you consistently work on a small basis. You don't have to work on meeting hundreds of people each week. However, you should work on meeting a couple people each day.

Before you know it you'll have more than 100 people who you have build relationships with. You don't want to go out there just looking for numbers, but you do want quality relationships. So, take the time to consistently work on building relationships on a consistent basis for the best results.

Tip #2 - Join Organizations in Your Area - Joining organizations in your area is a wonderful idea as well and it can help you as you work to build up business relationships. When you join clubs or groups in your area that have similar interests, you'll find that this is a wonderful way that you can build up great relationships. Take the time to get active in the community around you, start a club or group, or volunteer in order to meet new business contacts.

Tip #3 - Follow Up to Build Relationships - Once you make a business contact and you want to build up a good relationship, it is important to follow up with them. Just meeting them one time may not bring you many results, but if you follow up with them every couple weeks, you can build up a solid relationship.

Tip #4 - Make Sure Your Personable on the Web - If you are trying to build up business relationships online in forums, social networking sites, or blog directories, then you need to be very personable. Leaving comments and personalized messages is important. The last thing you want to do is just send out a bunch of cookie cutter messages to everyone. So, make sure you act in a personable manner.

Tip #5 - Show Pride in Your Business - Showing pride in your business is imperative if you are going to build up great business relationships. Make sure that all the people you meet know about your business. Make sure you add your business website to your business cards, add a signature line to all emails, and talk about you business with pride. This is an excellent way to build up top quality relationships.