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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Money Is Important - Whether You Agree Or Not

By Cheriyan Thankachen

When I talk to people about having multiple income streams, they say why are you so money minded. Having multiple sources of income is a topic which is definitely important, to be known and the need understood. How many times we have heard people say the following things:

1. Money, isn't everything.

2. You should be satisfied with whatever money you.

3. Don't be so money minded.

4. I don't care about money.

5. Money is not important.

and more phrases.

Well, with due importance to their thoughts, money might not be important for them. But, I surely bet, money is important to their milkman, money is important to their landlord, money is important to their banks if they have taken loans, money is important to the person who holds their mortgage, it is important when you go to a hospital. I can go along giving more examples. You may not need money but, almost every individual who is connected to you needs money. As a matter of fact, money is important to any individual living in a civilized city. Please do not try to cheat yourself by knowingly denying its importance. Nothing can take the place of money in the area where it is required. Therefore, to argue that it is not important is just illogical and meaningless.

The simple truth of you getting up in the morning and going to work is because money is important. I come across individuals saying, "It's all about satisfaction and not money". I fully agree if you are doing social service else you will show your displeasure immediately. If satisfaction is important - employers will hire only satisfied employees and not give money. Some people say money is not important just because they are unable to earn money or they say someone with more money is lucky. Luck does play a role in your financial success, it is never sufficient in and off itself. Some even go ahead and say too much money is bad.

Money is important - it is neither good nor bad. It depends on what you do with it. There are no free rides in the world, money is an effect which is always earned with effort and hard work. So, next time you get an opportunity to earn, go ahead and create another income stream.

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